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Everything You Wanted to Know About Country IP Blocks™

Are you frustrated with malicious attacks originating from specific countries?

We were too! We responded to these threats by creating a database filled with country specific network data. The output of this data enables you to block or allow as few or as many countries as your security requires.

We exist to help protect your security

Country IP Blocks was created as a resource to protect servers, systems and websites from spam, malware, cross-site scripting, website hijacking, hacking, cracking and other malicious activities. When properly implemented, using our network data in your security scripts, firewalls, Access Control Lists or .htaccess files will dramatically improve your I.T. security.

The Country IP Database

Our database contains up to the minute network information on over 250 countries worldwide. We provide the data free of charge in CIDR and Netmask format.

We Update Our Database Daily

Our Country IP Database was designed with two goals in mind: Accuracy and availability. The database is derived directly from the Registry sources and is updated as often as the Regional Registries provide new or altered network allocations. This means we update our entire Country IP Database at least daily or more often as required.

We Want to Help Webmasters

Using our Country IP Database, webmasters can instantly create .htaccess deny and .htaccess allow files. Webmasters can easily block the country or countries of their choice by making a simple selection.

We Are a Resource to Networking Professionals Accurate network data is important to Information Technology Professionals and Network Administrators. Those responsible for the security of your network can be assured they are getting the most accurate data available from the registrars. We offer the choice of CIDR or Netmask formats and instantly generate the data of choice.

Coming soon we will offer a greater variety of security scripts with Access Control Lists (ACLs) in vendor formats.

We Made our Database Searchable

All allocated network addresses are completely searchable in the Country IP Database. The Search results reveal the country and network data related to the IP search string.

We Provide Custom Network Data Services

Our programmers and database administrators can create custom scripts and custom data streams for your special needs. Contact us for more details.

We Want to Be Part of Your Web Security

We provide image and text links for your websites. Country IP Blocks data is free to use. We only ask that you let the world know you are serious about security by adding a link to Country IP Blocks on your website.

Stop Malicious Activity Now<

The internet will never be completely secure; but you can take measures to reduce the number of attacks against your networks, systems and websites when you preemptively block problem countries. Why wait? Start using Country IP Blocks today!