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API Beta-Testers Needed Now

We are looking for 25 beta-testers to test the beta version of our upcoming API. The API will monitor your incoming traffic and instantly identify the country where the traffic originates; This API will include a small PHP file. The PHP file will send specific data, including the IP address of visitors coming to your site, to a page on the Country IP Blocks website.

The Country IP Blocks page will respond back to the script with the ISO 3166 Country Code for the location of the visitor hitting your website.

The code will be delivered as XML and converted to a PHP $variable. Initially, we will provide the list of Country Codes. You will need to decide how to respond to the return code. We ask that you keep track of the responses through a database or writing to a text field.

This beta test will last one to two weeks. Those who are chosen as testers will be given 50% off the monthly or annual price (during the first 12 months) when we bring the product to market.

If you are interested in participating in this trial you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have your own website or server.
  2. You must have at least 100 visitors a day to your website or server.
  3. The SimpleXML extension requires the libxml PHP extension.
  4. You must agree to capture data related to the API and provide us with written results.
  5. You must provide the website URL(s) and IP address(es) where the test file(s) will reside.
  6. You must provide us with your contact information: name, address, phone and email address so we can correspond with you as necessary.
  7. You agree not to share the data, file(s) or results with a third party.
  8. When the trial is complete you must remove our files from your website, server and any other location and destroy them.
  9. Your website and/or IP address must not appear on any well-known blacklist within the past six months.

To participate as a beta-tester in this trial please contact us by email immediately at Include the words "beta tester" in the subject line.