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Be Paranoid About Your Identity


Be Paranoid About Your Identity

Bots crawl the internet 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, looking for useful information. These bots are hungry for information and with high speed processing, low security, and unconcerned websites, they get their fill.

Social communities like facebook, MySpace and even Craigslist can provide the opportunities and the information for disaster. Identity thieves need just a little bit of data to allow criminals to reconstruct enough of an identity to get credit cards, loans or access to your bank account.

Think about the last time you were asked to fill out a brief innocuous questionnaire about any number of things. Giving info about your favorite music, movies or spaces and places seems harmless enough. But did you notice you just gave your name, address, email, place of birth, mother?s maiden name, the names of your children and spouse and maybe your social security or banking numbers. Whoops!

Even responding to an ad on Craigslist could reveal your hometown. Maybe you gave your real name in the email. Maybe your email address contains your real name? Maybe you provided a phone number. All of this data can be used to develop a credit profile on you. Message boards and blogs are another treasure trove. Bots scan these constantly looking for tidbits of information on you and your members. This information is used to develop more harmful scenarios.

Be paranoid about your data. How many people on the web really need to know your name, location, favorite vacation spot or when you are going on vacation? Every available piece of data you reveal can be used for malicious purposes. Whether to steal your identity, guess your login credentials or gain access to you and your data, everything can be used.

Be paranoid about what you reveal and to whom.

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