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Block Networks by Country

Are you tired of malicious internet traffic from China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania or even the United States or Canada?

You can now pick and choose the countries you want to allow access to your digital resources!

We can help you block any country on the planet. We maintain data on every IP address on earth. Pick a country or group of countries and we can instantly create an Access control List for you in one of several different formats. Don't put up with hackers, spammers, copyright thieves or unwanted traffic. You can be in control of your network or website. With Country IP Blocks in your arsenal you choose what countries to allow or block.

What we do

Country IP Blocks began in 2007 with the goal of delivering high quality IPv4 access control lists. We maintain information on all 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses. Our information includes the network, country, continent and Regional Internet Registry of each IP.

This data is searchable and the Access COntrol Lists are available in eight different formats: CIDR, Netmask, and IP Range, htaccess Deny, htaccess Allow, Decimal/CIDR, Cisco ACL and PeerGuardian2 (PG2).

Our paid members receive Country IP Blocks data that is up-to-date each and every day. Visitors seeking free ACLs can receive data that is 30-60 days old. We highly recommend becoming a paid member as those receiving free data may find their ACLs incorrect by as many as 250-500 million networks over the course of 30-60 days. Our paid CIPB - Premium Members can be assured their data is fresh. Remember, our paid members get refresh data daily.

Visitors have two ways of receiving our data:
Our paid CIPB - Premium Members can login to their control panel, select ACLs by country or continent, choose their data including format, sort by IP or by country, display country code with each line of network data or just display countries in the header. Then our members can choose to receive their ACLs through the Control Panel or dynamically (automatically) generated through a user specific URL (recommended).

A CIPB - Premium Member can choose to Activate their URL(s) in the Control Panel. If they do so, Country IP Blocks will store their selections and dynamically create their data for them whenever our database is updated; this is usually done at least once each day. The member can then access their selections throug their specific data URL. This is a great service allowing the paid member to remotely access his or her data using remote a script like wget or other similar scripts.

Free data users may only receive their data by generating their Access Control List through the Create Country ACL panel located at This requires a visit to our site each time you need data. We will not store the selections of free data users nor will we automatically create their data and make it available through a user specific URL. Free data users may not remotely access our forms for any purpose. We monitor the use of every form on our website.

If we detect remote connections we may ban the visitor for 30 days for a first offense and permanently if the breach is repeated.

In summary, Country IP Blocks is a fantastic resource for high quality, country or continent specific IP data. If you take your network or website security seriously you should be using our data to protect your digital resources from unwanted traffic. We also maintain IPv6 data information.