OFAC Access Control Lists

We are pleased to announce that we are offering free OFAC Access Control Lists, based on OFAC’s Sanctions Programs and Country Information. Unlicensed users will have access to data that is at least 90 days old. Our licensed users will have access to data that is no more than four hours old.

While we are currently offering this data free for licensed and unlicensed users, the data will eventually require a separate license and may be removed from unlicensed access. This is due to additional staff hours to complete the extra work involved in maintaining the OFAC lists.

OFAC list users will be able to select lists including countries with comprehensive sanction, related sanctions or both. The free selections are located here: Create an Access Control List to Block OFAC Sanctioned Countries. Licensed users will find the webform in their control l=panel under the Access Control Lists navigation.

We will base our country selections on OFAC’s page:
Sanctions Programs and Country Information

We will maintain our OFAC ACLs based on OFACs regular updates to their sanctions programs. We recommend you check back often for changes.

Country IP Blocks updates their Country Network database at least every four hours for licensed users. Therefore, data is subject to change frequently. You may purchase your licenses on our website.