Premium Member Database last update: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 2:01:53 GMT-0700

Changes to Country IP Blocks™

As mentioned in an earlier post, Country IP Blocks is preparing to move to a paid services model. This move is intended to help us meet our financial obligations and provide our hundreds of thousands of visitors a better experience.

We are in the process of completing scripts that will only be accessible to paying members.

In our top-level service plan users will be able to log in to their control panel, make selections of formats, countries, continents and maybe even Regional Internet Registries and store these selections under their user credentials. Your results will be provided to you within your control panel, but, more importantly, your customized Access Control Lists will also be delivered to you via dynamic URL. We store your choices and then automatically create your data each time we update our database. You can then remotely access your data without signing in on the website.

Premium memberships will include access to IPv4 and IPv6 data, dynamic bogon data, database search capabilities, including searching for data changes by date.

Our premium members will also be able to aggregate their IPv4 data in IP Range Format. This will dramatically reduce the size of your ACLs and allow for a much smaller footprint in your firewalls.

Premium members may even be given an option to be notified when data changes within specific country lists.

We have lots of good things in store for you, but before we go too far we really need your input. What can we do to improve? Tell us what you want us to provide. Ask questions. Help us help you by letting us know your needs and how we may be able to incorporate solutions into our upcoming and new membership plans.

Please drop us a line at We value your questions and input. Please don?t hesitate to talk with us.