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CIDR Calculator Creates CIDR Networks

Have you ever been given a block of IP addresses and asked to produce the fewest possible number of legal CIDR subnets or supernets from the range? Country IP Blocks has a new CIDR Calculator to help you solve this problem.

Our CIDR Calculator takes a starting network address and the number of hosts assigned to the address block and creates the fewest number of legal subnets or supernets within the assigned network block. Correct output is produced only when a legal network address and number of hosts are entered into the form. For example: if you have a block of networks comprising the range -, your network address or Starting IP is and your number of hosts is 9175040.

Entering a Starting IP of and 9175040 as the Number of Hosts will produce CIDR output of,,,,,,,,,

This process can help you work with large network ranges to produce the fewest possible number of CIDR subnets or supernets within the block range. You can give it a try today here: CIDR Calculator