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CIPB Annual Premium Membership with Aggregation Module*

CIPB Premium Membership with Aggregation
Our CIP Annual Premium Membership with Aggregation Module is brand new. This membership includes access to your own Control Panel with the added benefit of being able to Aggregate your ACLs. You have the option of creating your own ACLs (Access Control Lists) on the fly and/or creating ACLs for us to Auto-Generate for you each time we update our Country/Network database (once every four hours, seven days a week). Auto-Generated data is available to you through accessing a User-Specific URL for each license purchased.

Data output is available in eleven distinct formats. These include: CIDR, Netmask, IP Range, .htaccess Deny, .htaccess Allow, Decimal/CIDR, Cisco ACL, PeerGuardian2, Web.config deny, Web.config allow or network-object.

Your auto-generated data will include two ACLs per license: aggregated and non-aggregated. Depending on your country selections, aggregation may reduce the size of your ACLs significantly. In some cases, 50-75%.

This membership is only $399.00 per year for each Firewall/Server in your organization where CIPB data is used to protect.

Within your control panel you can:
  • *Product is sold as digital goods only, boxed set image is for display purposes
  • Generate ACLs by country or countries (includes 252 Countries and bogon list)
  • Generate ACLs by continent (includes all continents)
  • Generate your ACLs in eleven distinct formats: CIDR, Netmask, IP Range, .htaccess Deny, .htaccess Allow, Decimal/CIDR, Cisco ACL, PeerGuardian2, Web.config deny, Web.config allow or network-object
  • Generate ACLs sorted by IP or country
  • Output your ACLs with the country code displayed by each network (except in aggregated results) or in the document header
  • Choose to have your selections auto-generated each time we update the database. If you choose this option you will be able to access your ACL through a personalized URL containing your specific Access Control List. Each license entitles you to one specific URL to be used for auto-generation of ACLs
  • Members who purchase our Aggregation Module will also be able to aggregate their access control lists, this can reduce the size of some lists by as much as 90%. For example, aggregating the combined lists of Canada and the U.S. resulted in an ACL line reduction of approximately 75% (as of April 8, 2013)
Monthly memberships renew each month, but may be cancelled at any time. Cancellations are not pro-rated and begin the month following the latest paid month.