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Company - About Us

Country IP Blocks™ LLC was founded in 2007 by I.T. professionals concerned about the growing threat to and from global networks. Country IP Blocks™ is a leading provider of Geo Location by Country data. Our CIPB data service is one of the elite providers of country/network specific data sources on the planet.

We realize network and website security is only as good as the data used to protect your digital resources. Our response is to meet this need by refreshing our database with new data as it becomes available. Our premium members, at a minimum, enjoy daily data updates, unlike the weekly or monthly updates provided by our competition.

Country IP Blocks™ LLC is privately held and headquartered in Prescott, Arizona.

Country IP Blocks™ LLC
Prescott, Arizona 86302
Toll free: (844) 4-CIPB-01
Toll free: (844) 424-7201

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