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Country IP Blocks™ is Changing

Over the past several months we have received several requests from those who use our Country IP Blocks database. They want more.

More access to our Country IP Blocks database.

More choices in Country block formats.

More access to our Country IP Database form.

We are redesigning our website to give you the "more" you are looking for.

Our Country IP Blocks database is updated at least daily. This means you get the freshest content available on the internet.

Our formats are available through the form on the sidebar on every page. On our Country IP Database form you simply select a format and then choose one or more countries by highlighting your country choices.

But you can also go directly to the format page you prefer and select individual countries. Our data is available in seven distinct formats:

The current checksum for each country/format is available on the above pages and we will soon have Country Database and format specific RSS feeds to help you better automate your update processes.

Also coming soon we will be offering network and network management training courses along with online testing and Country IP Block certification.

We are here to meet your needs. Please feel free to join our blog and make comments, ask questions or perhaps answer a question for someone in need of answers.