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Country IP Blocks™ is Developing a New API

We have had many requests for an API that could connect directly to a Country IP Blocks database and return the country code for each IP associated with an incoming HTTP request. In anticipation of moving to our paid services model in April, we are also considering the introduction of a Country IP Blocks Network Security API.

This API would respond to remote queries. The remote queries would include certain identifiers along with the IPv4 address in question. Country IP Blocks would respond with the country, related to the IPv4 address, in an XML format. The end user could then respond based upon the criteria for dealing with each specific country.

We are currently considering at least three versions of this API.

One would maintain the user's country ACL list on the Country IP Blocks server. In this version, you would purchase the appropriate license, login to the Country IP Blocks paid member selection, get your API software to include within your website, choose allow or deny for each country or continent, install the scripts on your web server and then begin the query process. The query returned would include the country code and a pass/fail or allow/decline variable based on your settings.

The second version would simply return the country and leave it to the site administrator to decide how to deal with the country. We would provide the country code array.

The third version would be a widget or plugin for WordPress.

As usual we are interested in your feedback. You may contact us at