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Country IP Blocks™ Now Available for IIS 7.0 and web.config

We are proud to announce the release of our new CIPB generated web.config files for IIS 7.0 and above.

Is your website on a Windows server using IIS 7.0 and above? Are you concerned about unwanted foreign traffic? We can help you control access to your website by allowing or denying traffic from the country or countries you choose.

We can now generate your country selections in an allow or deny format with a web.config file. This file can be easily added to your Windows IIS 7.0+ website or incorporated into your already existing web.config file.

Try our web.config file out on your website. To generate the file visit our Create Country ACL, select the country or countries you want and the web.config deny or allow format. Submit the form and we will create the file for you.

Remember, we are in the process of testing our web.config formats. We need your feedback Please submit questions or report any problems you encounter to Our web.config file is compatible with IIS 7.0+. If you would like to deny a country or countries and allow a specific range within your web.config file contact us for more information.