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Frequently Asked Questions

For licensed members our database is updated every four hours. Our free database is updated every 90 - 120 days

A recent audit revealed an accuracy rate of 99.8%.

The decdision on what countries to block or allow will depend entirely on where you are doing business in the world. So the choice is yours. Recent trends tend to show heavily malicious traffic being generated from Brazil, China, Germany, Korea, India, Pakistan, Turkley, Roamia, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Viet Nam. Certain networks in the United States are major spam producers.

We recommend choosing to block or allow based on the resultant size of the Access Control List. In other words, if you shoose to only allow traffic from a single country, you are probably better off creating an ACL to allow only that country. If you want to block a specific country, you are generally better off to create an ACL block list.

A license is required for each firewall or server where our data will be stored or used to protect. There is an exception to this rule: If your business has one firewall and only one server, we only require you to purchase a single license. A separate license will be required for each firewall or server beyond this. For example: if your business has one firewall and six servers, you would need a total of six licenses.

No, you may not. Doing so without the express written consent of Country IP Blocks, LLC is copyright infringement and a violation of our license agreement.

The answer to this question depends on the conditions of your server. Newer servers, with a reasonable amount of RAM probably will not notice a pereceptible slow down. However, if you are in a shared hosting environment you should check with your hosting provider.

We currently offer 18 different formats: Apache .htaccess Deny, Apache .htaccess Allow, CIDR, CIDR ACl, Cisco bit bucket, Decimal/CIDR, Inverse Netmask, Juniper Junos, Linux iptables, MicroTik, Netmask, network-object, PeerGuardian2, Web.config allow, Web.config deny, Custom CIDR and Custom Netmask.

Those who have purchased licenses are given access to their own unique control panel. Within the control panel they can create their individualized Access Control List(s), aggregate ACL's, and chose to activate their unique URL. Activating your unique URL(s) will cause your data to automatically generate when we do our data updates every four hours. You can access these lists (aggregated and non-aggreated) through your unique URL(s).

Many countries contain a large amount of networks. For example, as of March 29, 2019, the United States has nearly 70,000 public networks. ACLs of this size may be difficult to handle and tax system resources on older, less powerful firewalls and servers. Aggregation combines the networks into as few possible contiguous network ranges and then completes the process by creating the fewest nhumber of legal networks. BY aggregating an ACL for the United States, we can reduces the size of the ACL by over sixty-percent. This is significant as it takes up less space on your firewall or server and is much easier to process. Aggregation is only available for those who have purchased licenses.

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