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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often is your database updated?

The Country IP Block database is updated at least daily.

How often does Network Information change?

IP Addresses/Network ranges changes frequently. It is adviseable to return daily or at least weekly and select the most recent country data available.

Is the network data safe to use?

Our data is obtained from the sources responsible for allocation of network space and is generally considered safe to use. Blocking entire countries or several networks requires the use of system resources relative to the amount of data used in your security scripts and firewalls. The larger the range of IPs and Networks in your ruleset, the more processing and memory utilization required on your respective system(s).

Why does your database contain some countries without any associated network data?

At times there will be a small number of countries with no active network allocations but, network allocations are subject to change. We have decided to include these countries in order to make the database as accurate as possible.

What about .htaccess files?

Servers use .htaccess files to control a wide variety of server behaviors, including access, passwords, redirects, etc.

Do not use .htaccess files unless you have a comprehensive understanding of how they work. We make no guaranty or warranty to the accuracy of these .htaccess files. Use these files at your own risk. You accept complete responsibility for any use, misuse or abuse of these files.