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Important Upcoming Changes to Country IP Blocks™

We are anticipating 2,000,000 visitors to Country IP Blocks during the month of January and somewhere between 30-50 million for all of 2012. With all these visitors and downloads we have noticed certain websites redistributing our data and in some cases even charging others for the use of our data. This is a violation of our Terms of Service.

After discussions with others in the tech and security industries we believe it is time for us to stop subsidizing and start charging a fair price for the use of our data. A good friend at one of the leading firewall security websites mentioned that donations will only ever play a small part in the income of our services, followed by sponsors and ultimately paid services.

We are working on a new model of services and we would like to get your feedback.

Here is what is currently under consideration:

All users of Country IP Blocks data will be required to sign up for the service. This includes our free services.

Free Services:

Free services will include once a month updates. This means that you can download the data anytime during the month but this data will only be updated once a month. For example, if you downloaded data on January 30, 2012 it will include data accurate as of January 1, 2012 (approximately). Other companies are charging $12 a month ($144 a year for this service).

Paid services:

Plan one: Weekly updates of data. You will have access to data that will never be more than one week old. You will need to login to get the data. Cost: $119.00 per year.

Plan two: Daily updates of data. Data will be the most current available at the time. You will need to login to access the data. Cost: $119 $159.00 per year and does not include our full list of Bogons or the ability to Aggregate networks.

Plan three: This is our preferred plan and includes: Daily updates of data. Data will be the most current data available at the time. You can choose a dynamic data list, choose your countries and formats and we will create this data for you each time we update the database. You will have access to the full bogon list and can use our Aggregation Scripts to output data in an aggregated IP range format. This means your lists can be as little as 10% of their normal size. Once you create your data you will be able to access your data through secure dynamic links. In other words, when you connect to Country IP Blocks you will pull your own customized data through your specific dynamic URL(s). You won?t need to login. You can set it, forget it and we will do the rest for you. Cost: only $179.00 per year.

All plans assume you will be using our data on one server or one website. Data cannot be reproduced or redistributed without our express written permission. We will be making some special exceptions for our sponsor(s).

We believe the above plans will give us the continued opportunity to provide our high quality data at reasonable rates, as well as help stop the financial strain caused by providing all our services for free.

We want and need your input before we implement these plans, but changes are coming.

Drop us a line at to let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for using Country IP Blocks.