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Keep your security patches up to date

Tip #3

Keep your security patches up to date

Security patches exist because someone has discovered a flaw in your operating system, application, webform or configuration. Security patches are a must for open source and well known applications. Microsoft has the largest share of the OS market. Finding a flaw in Windows means a hacker could have access to tens of millions of networks and computers. Big find means big money. The same is true of Open Source systems like WordPress and Joomla. They are not only in wide use, but hackers can access the source code. With the source code available they can look for and test new exploits.

Apply security updates early and often. Patch the holes and stay current with the latest industry news from Microsoft, Joomla, WordPress and other software applications. If you use WordPress install Askimet to cut down on the comment spam. If you need an education on the prolific of comment spam just look at the comments being left on your message board or blog.

Hackers, using botnets are constantly prowling the internet seeking to devour unpatched and older versions of software.

Patch your software, check the configuration and security settings in files such as php.ini or Apache.

Being paranoid about software updates won?t eliminate the threat but it will lessen it significantly.

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