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Monthly Subscription Plans


Monthly subscriptionsCountry IP Blocks is pleased to announce our new monthly subscription plans.

We are now offering three new monthly subscriptions and for a limited time are waiving the $25 account setup fee.

Our new subscription plans include:

CIPB - Premium Membership: $29.99 per month*

CIPB Home/personal User: $15.99 per month**

CIPB - Non-profit 501(c)(3) status: $23.99 per month**

Sign up today and canel at any time. Billing automatically reoccurs each month through PayPal. Cancellation is good for all future months. No refunds for any unused portion of currrent month. No refunds. ALl sales are subject to our policies, terms and conditions and licensing agreements. Data may not be reproduced or redistributed under any circumstance without the express written consent of Country IP Blocks LLC

*Commercial clients, subject to our CIPB Premium Member Terms
**Home users, non-commercial users, for use at home or on one personal website.
***Non-profit 502(c)(3), churches, religious organizations, etc. Must provide proof of non-profit status.