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Paid Services Model

Beginning in April 2012, Country IP Blocks will move to a paid services model. We will be offering several different packages to fit your needs. Top-tier members will have their own control panel. Upon logging in, these members will have the ability to choose their data lists, formats, sorting and in some cases aggregation. After selecting data, a set and forget choice will allow for the saving of dynamic data. Country IP Blocks will then regenerate this data automatically on a daily basis. Data will then be accessible through secure dynamic URLs or within the Control Panel./

Non-premium members will still be able to access most data, but only through their control panel.

Data redistribution will be available by contractual arrangement and for a fee.

Our country text files will disappear, and no longer be available to non-members.

We believe these changes will allow us to provide better offerings.

With these changes we will also be offering affiliate programs to select organizations. These affiliate programs will include pay-for-purchase percentages.

For further information on these changes, to get pricing to include Country IP Blocks data within your applications or for redistributing our data, please contact us by email:

or by regular mail at:

Country IP Blocks LLC
PO Box 1307
Prescott, Arizona 86302