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Paid Services or Free Services?

Should you become a premium member or continue to rely on free country data? This is an excellent question.

As Country IP Blocks transitions to a paid services model, we will still offer some free services. But the free data will generally be 30 to 60 days old as compared to Premium Services which will be updated daily, and thus the most current possible.

If you are a Premium Services Member your data will always be current, but free services users will have to settle for being behind by 30 to 60 days. How will this affect your data?

A good example is a quick look at the previous month. In March, 112,563,200 IPv4 addresses changed hands. That is a change of nearly one-hundred-thirteen-million.

Since February, nearly two-hundred million addresses have changed hands.

If your network and website security is important, and we have to assume it is or you would not be using our data, then you need to have data that is current as of today, not two months ago.

Our Premium Membership is your guaranteed access to the most up to date network to country, network to continent and network to RIR data available.

You can continue using our free data, you can pay our competitors to have data that is one week or one month old. But why not have the most recent data available?

Country IP Blocks Premium Membership is coming in just a few days. Ask yourself a simple question, "Can I afford to rely on 30-60 day old data?"

We think the answer should be no.

Become a Premium Member and stay current. Contact us at