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Share the Costs of Protecting your Networks and Websites

Country IP Blocks began as a simple concept: We wanted to give network admins, webmasters and I.T. Managers more control of their network traffic. We wanted to offer freedom of choice when deciding what networks and countries could have access to websites and networks. We are succeeding. From our humble beginnings, nearly four years ago, we have grown from 100 visitors a week to over a million a month. We achieved this growth mainly by word of mouth, because we offered a website generally free of advertising, sponsored and paid for by the site founders and donations made by those of you who believe in what we are doing.

At the start of 2011 we began asking for donations to help us defray our costs. You responded and kept us going. We are grateful for your help. We are about to ask you again. We would like to take the growing financial burden off the site owners and spread the cost among the users. Our last fundraiser was in June. Times are tough and finances are tight for everybody. We know this, but feel confident you believe in Country IP Blocks enough to donate and help us continue providing you with our excellent services.

We are looking for donations of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more. Make your secure donations through Paypal.

At Country IP Blocks we respect your privacy. We do not misuse any of your personal information. We do not use our member lists, or financial sponsor lists, for sending Unsolicited Commercial Email. We do not contact individuals who have previously donated and ask them for more funds. We make our requests known through the website and only through the website. We only provide further contact when requested by you.

Please consider making your donations to Country IP Blocks today. Let me give you ten reasons to support Country IP Blocks financially:

  1. We are on the side of people who want to protect their networks, websites and electronic data.
  2. We provide country specific network data on every country anywhere on the globe.
  3. We provide our data in formats designed to meet your needs.
  4. Our data is updated daily (or as often as the information changes), not weekly or monthly.
  5. We do not require you to go through layers of ads in order to access the data you need.
  6. We allow network administrators automated access to our data.
  7. We have provided access to our network data and related formats without cost for nearly four years.
  8. We never use our contact lists to directly ask for financial support. We only ask through the website.
  9. As we grow we respond by investing our own funds and time to improve our hardware, software and user experience.
  10. We provide the majority of our services without any direct cost to the vast majority of our site visitors.

We will be making several dynamic improvements to Country IP Blocks over the next few months. But we need your assistance now. Please make your secure donations of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more through Paypal today. For those of you who can only afford less, we appreciate all donations. For those who cannot afford to donate at all, please continue to use our website without cost.

For those of you who access our site on behalf of a governmental agency or business that requires an invoice, as opposed to a donation receipt, please contact us directly at and we can make arrangements for a services invoice.