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Top Two Comment Spamming Countries

Comment spam is a serious problem. Not only does it flood your blogs with unwanted, irrelevant posts, it cheapens your brand and can potentially serve up malicious payloads. Comment spam is once again on the rise. It happens every January. The start of the New Year would not be complete without the annual increase in comment spam. This year, two countries have a firm grasp on first and second place.

Ukraine is number two on the list. The daily deluge of Ukrainian comment spam has risen by 97% this month. But Ukraine has nothing on our top comment spammer.

Russia, the number one contender for top Comment Spammer, originated comment spam has risen 312% this year, making them the tried and true leader in global comment spammers.

Country IP Blocks recommends careful monitoring of your server logs, WordPress, Joomla and other open source blog software, for aberrant behavior. To block Russia or the Ukraine, look on the right side of this page; select a format and the countries you wish to block to generate an Access Control List. The country IP range output will include all the networks assigned to your choice(s).