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We are looking for Beta Testers for Our Restful API

Country IP Block is planning on releasing a Restful API. As part of our preparation we need beta testers to use phases of our programs/scripts. Phase one is the basic Restful API. This includes a short Restful API script. Once the script is in place it will remotely query our database and return two variables: the ISO Country Code and the Country IP Blocks reputation code.

We will provide beta testers with a list of Countries and their respective ISO codes. You can either place these in a table (and include a Boolean field for allow or deny) or place the country codes you wish to allow or deny in an array and check the returned variable against the array and then take action.

You may also take action based on the reputation code.

Queries will be performed and processed using CURL and Simple XML. You will need to have PHP on your server/web server and CURL and Simple XML capability.

Queries will be performed against our live and most current database.

Queries are limited to actual traffic and must not include queries designed to expose our database. Beta testing will last from one to four weeks.

Upon completion of the beta testing and release of the product, we will provide beta testers with a 100,000 query license. Certain restrictions apply. At the sole discretion of Country IP Blocks, Beta testers may be subject to removal from the testing program for non-compliance or other reasons.

To apply to become a Beta Tester please contact Country IP Blocks by email at You will need to provide a valid email and contact information. Approved beta testers will receive an email with a zip file attachment and brief instructions. The zip file will include a file called cipb_rest_api.php (with embedded credentials: license, client_key, user_id and hash) and a file or files containing data related to Country Codes.

If you have questions please contact us at the email above. This email is for the sole purpose of recruiting beta testers. Any other use constitutes spam and violators will be added to our RBL.