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Website Security is Your Responsibility

Global attacks against networks and websites are on the rise. Cyber thugs seek to gain control over your networks, websites and digital assets. Malicious attacks, once the domain of script-kiddies, are now a major thrust of professional gangs of cyber-criminals. Our research indicates that nearly 100% of websites and networks experience daily hack attacks after the first 30 days of going online. These roving bands of terrorists seek to profit from your ignorance or unwillingness to protect your own assets. A large part of their success is based upon two factors:

Your failure to protect your website.

You are the primary reason cyber-attacks succeed. If you do not implement solid security procedures and monitor your traffic you are making the full-time profession of cyber-terrorism an ever more appealing career.

Law Enforcements inability and unwillingness to get involved.

Law enforcement will not protect your website or network resources. Our research indicates that all local law enforcement is inadequately prepared to ferret out cyber-criminals for prosecution. The few agencies equipped to deal with such problems, such as the FBI, Interpol and similar agencies, will not get involved in the attacks against your network, website or shopping cart unless you are the size of a Fortune 500 company or the criminal activity involves child pornography.

You are a very small fish in a very large sea. As such, you have to take precautions to protect your assets.

What to do?

An excellent place to start is the elimination of unwanted internet traffic. The vast majority of cyber-criminal attacks come from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and many of the countries in Eastern Europe. Attack originating in Germany, Italy, France and Sweden are on the rise. The United States is also an excellent portal for cyber-criminals to launch their attacks.

Cyber-security starts with you and ends with you. We recommend limiting your network and website traffic to as few countries as necessary. Country IP Blocks has made it easy by providing country or continent specific access control lists. These lists include data in a wide variety of formats, perfect for your firewall, IP tables or access control lists. Paid members get the most up-to-date data (we update our IP database daily) while non-paying visitors get data 30-60 days old. You may not be able to depend on law enforcement to protect your website, and even if you could it would be after an attack, not before. But you can depend on Country IP Blocks to provide country and continent specific resources that enable you to prevent many attacks before they occur.

You are responsible for your website and network. We just make your responsibility a little easier to meet.